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The Art of Events

04 September 2015

This autumn Jackson Gilmour will be celebrating the connections between art and events in a series of activities themed around The Art of Events. The London event caterer will celebrating all the different ways art effects events; from the influence of art as an event backdrop to the stunning impact of amazing lighting, incredible flowers and eye-catching table decorations. And they will be considering what counts as art in events, and what doesn’t. For example, does an extraordinary food presentation  qualify as art and is a beautifully dressed space actually an art installation?

Jackson Gilmour work in many art galleries, museums and event spaces where changing exhibitions can have a big influence on event organisers – and their guests. In the months ahead they’ll be examining what makes some exhibitions so popular with event goers while others leave them cold? What is it that elevates an exhibition into a must-see event? 

Finally, as caterers, Jackson Gilmour agree to extremely tight restrictions in the name of art. From a blanket ban on red wine to an absolute citrus-exclusion zone, they willingly make menu adjustments to protect Britain’s art collections from party goers. But they want to find out: what is the most extraordinary thing someone in the event industry has been asked not to do to keep artwork shielded from danger? Jackson Gilmour will be reaching out to their fellow event suppliers to find out more.