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Feeling the Botanical Buzz

30 January 2019, by Francis O'Hagan

Francis O’Hagan introduces Jackson Gilmour’s new range of non-alcoholic drinks 

Time was, “Fancy a drink?” was always an invitation to consume something alcoholic. No longer. Recent research has shown that millennialsare turning away from booze in favour of softer beverages, enabling themto go out and have fun without getting drunk. 

And it’s not just younger people. With the population at large seeking out new non-alcoholic options,the runaway success of non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip and Ceder’s Crisp is breathing new life into the drinks sector. 


We’re seeing the same trend at our events. We’re catering for more and more guests who are looking for something new that’s more interesting to drink – and delivers excitement without blurring the brain or preventing them from driving home. 

Seedlip was launched a couple of years ago and has taken the industry by storm. It’s a non-alcoholic distilled spirit that offers the same intricacy and depth as traditional spirits – meaning that, for many people, it solves the dilemma of “what to drink when I’m not drinking.” 

It comes in two forms: Garden 108, which bursts with clean herbal, grassy and floral aromas and works well with bitter lemon or soda water on ice; and Seedlip Spice, a woody, earthy spirit that brings clove, lemon and cardamom flavours to the palate and mixes well with cloudy apple or red grapefruit juice. 


The other big newcomer is No 1. Rosemary Water. Made with rosemary extract, it contains no sugar or preservatives. It’s also a stimulating, flavourful and a tasteful way to enjoy rosemary – a medicinal herb traditionally associated with improving memory and the circulatory system. Unlike alcohol!

We’ve also been experimenting and innovating with non-alcoholic drinks, creating a range of non alcoholic cocktails geared to today’s young, demanding and adventurous corporate guests. Take our coconut water mojito: not only is coconut water delicious, it’s low in calories, cholesterol free, aids digestion, and is extra-hydrating thanks to all the minerals it contains. So it guarantees a clear head next morning. 

If you’d like to know more, please contact us to discuss our Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu.