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Why I’m jealous of guests at our art gallery events…

20 April 2017, by Paula Scott

Our PR person, Paula Scott, comes clean about her art gallery guest envy.

I have to confess to being a bit of a fan of an art gallery. Just to be clear, I’m not talking here about small galleries – lovely though they are – no I’m thinking about the big ones – The National Gallery, Saatchi, National Portrait Gallery. I just love the grandeur, the sense of space and, of course, the art.

As an accredited caterer at many of London’s top galleries it is an absolute treat to be able to get into these wonderful spaces when they are closed. The time between the doors closing on the public and our clients opening them for their guests is quite magical (although often a bit manic for our kitchen and waiting teams). The empty galleries packed with incredible art, stunning interiors and vast expanses of well-worn wooden floors fill me with a great sense of joy.

So it’s not surprising that I envy the guests at our events. Not only are they eating gorgeous food, they are standing or sitting amongst some of the world’s most impressive art in sumptuous rooms cleared of the public. I especially like it when our clients include a private view alongside the event. London galleries host many world class exhibitions and to have an opportunity to view these shows with some delicious canapes and a glass of champagne is my idea of heaven.

Spring is traditionally the time for the big art shows and this year is no exception. The thought-provoking, “Selfie to Self-Expression” is currently entertaining visitors at the Saatchi Gallery and Italian favourite, Michelangelo is making a special appearance at the National Gallery until June. Looking ahead, Cezanne Portraits at the NPG looks like being a big draw in the autumn.

Corporate events should make every guest feel like a VIP and art galleries can deliver this simply by opening their doors. They make life easy for the organisers too; no need to dress the room or employ burlesque dancers to make a lasting impression, when you use an art gallery for a venue, the venue is the event.


We are lucky enough to work in some stunning galleries and I love the feeling of being an insider as we bring our equipment through the back doors and into the art lifts (very Thomas Crown Affair). Having said that, if anyone wants to invite me to a private view through the front door I can always check my diary…

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